15 Crazy X-Ray Photos That Will Make You SO Thankful You’re Not A Doctor

Even though it’s a common medical procedure now, if you think about it, X-rays are still pretty amazing.

We’ve devised a way to look inside our own bodies without putting ourselves in too much danger. Now, you don’t want to go getting one every day, but it’s an essential tool for doctors to help us….and, on occasion, laugh at us.

People never stop being stupid, and that means that there’s no shortage of foreign bodies that somehow wind up inside humans. Don’t believe me? Check out 15 of the craziest images below.

1. This one shows many needles snapped off into the neck of a person addicted to heroin.

2. Believe it or not, all these objects are outside the body. They just have a lot of piercings and other body modifications.

3. This gives a whole new meaning to the term “butt plug.” (I had to.)

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4. Are you sure you got everything before you closed him up?

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5. That’s not where that goes!

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7. This poor little girl thought these magnets were candy, and now they’re everywhere.

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8. People sure do like sticking stuff that doesn’t belong there up their butts.

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9. Small items like rings are swallowed all the time, but this one is connected to an old wives’ tale about a man who tried to propose to a woman with a ring at the bottom of her drink. She didn’t notice.

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10. I’d say that’s too close for comfort. Yikes.

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11. This looks photoshopped but holy crap it still makes me shudder.

Imgur / JanVladimirMostert

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12. This historical medical image shows self-mutilation using graphophone needles.

Flickr / Otis Historical Archives National Museum of Health and Medicine

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14. Let it snow, I guess?

Imgur / catlowman

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15. Um, was this guy even still ALIVE!?!

Imgur / IWantedALongAssUsernameTooAndEveryoneElseIsDoingItSoWhyNotMeToo

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