15 Christmas Decorations That Never, Ever Should Have Been Used

It’s that time of year again for us to pull out those boxes from our attics and garages, dust off the ornaments inside, and hang them on our Christmas trees.

But while most people’s decorations have a red and green theme or feature Santa, cherubic angels, and nativity scenes, others choose decidedly more unique displays to get into the festive spirit — some of which are downright bizarre and completely inappropriate.

If you’re still looking for ways to brighten up your home for the winter holiday, here’s are some great suggestions for how NOT to decorate for Christmas. Be warned that there are a few graphic images below.

1. Have a pet snake? Life pro tip: their shed skins equal free garlands for the tree!

2. These vintage ornaments belong in one place: the trash.

3. When you see it…

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4. ‘Tis the season to be frightened to death by this monstrosity.

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5. “My mom went Christmas decoration shopping and came home with this.”

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7. This display is called a Caganer, which is apparently a popular figure in nativity scenes in Catalonia. The more you know, I guess?

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8. This is perhaps the worst possible place you could ever put Santa. Also, what’s with the whole cyclops thing?

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10. You better watch out, you better not cry…or this fun guy might shank you.

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11. I would love to know whether anyone’s actually bought one of these freaky things.

Reddit / CenturionElite

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12. “Was out for a walk tonight to see Christmas lights. Found these decorations instead.”

Reddit / sidebraid

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Reddit / sidebraid

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13. “Why you don’t put Christmas lights on palm trees.”

Twitter / _youhadonejob1

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14. Seriously, why all the phallic Christmas imagery?

Imgur / systemg7

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15. “Just an innocent Christmas decoration…until you turn it around. That’s a knife in his hand.”

Imgur / 12stMuffin

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Imgur / 12stMuffin

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