12 Awesome Ways You Can Use The Tags That You Get With Your Bag Of Bread

What do you do with your bread tags when you’re done with the loaf?

If your answer is “just throw them away,” or “what are you talking about?” I don’t blame you. You either ignore their existence or toss them in the trash without a second thought. But those little tags are actually way more useful than you could ever have imagined. Here’s the proof:

1. Never lose the end of your tape.

2. Keep all those stray rubber bands together.

3. Never lose track of which plug goes to what.

4. Scrape stickers off surfaces easily!

5. Label your keys.

6. Never mix up wine glasses again.

7. Decorate them for special occasions and holidays.

8. Make interesting jewelry — no one will know the original use!

9. Fix your sandals.

10. Keep your power cord close.

11. Get a cheap knitting marker.

12. Keep your headphones organized.

If these 12 bread tag hacks don’t convince you that there are tons of items in your house capable of incredible things, we don’t know what else will!

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