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Looking At This Dog’s Funny Expressions Will Put A Huge Smile On Your Face

When Hungarian photographer Tamás Szarka first began taking pictures, he chose to capture timeless memories of his precious boxer dog, Strawberry. The self-taught photographer realized that Strawberry's facial expressions simply couldn't be ignored. The small boxer has a strong passion for hiking and

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This Adorable Little Farm Girl Has Some Very Big Beasts As Best Friends.

Dubai-based photographer Jacqui Nightscape spends her career capturing the big moments in her clients' lives. This typically means pointing her lens at brides or babies, though sometimes an incredible subject in a mundane setting is enough. That was the case when she snapped these incredible shots of a little farm girl surrounded

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This Campaign Will Inspire You To Love Yourself In A Whole New Way

Too often, we allow the idea of perfection to seep into our minds and convince us that because we have a few imperfections (or maybe more than a few), we are less worthy of happiness. PLUMP, a body-positive lifestyle magazine based in the Philippines, is encouraging women around the world

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