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The Duggars Are Being Accused Of Animal Abuse After Seemingly Trying To Sled Over A Cat

“Great job @derickdillard for appearing as a thoughtless, careless human being.” 1. You know The Duggars, the family with literally 757* members and GROWING? View this image › duggarfamilyblog.com *Not literally 757. 2. Now, the 19 Kids And Counting family is being accused of animal abuse after an

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This Poor Purple Creature Was Rescued From A Tragic Life Of Pain And Torture

Meet Smurf -- his body was beaten, tortured, burned, and abused...but his spirit never crumbled. Facebook / Nine Lives Foundation This terrified kitten (who is approximately 2 months old) was dropped off at a San Jose animal shelter in California this week. Not only was his fur dyed purple, but his body was

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