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Tolerance brigade calls Ben Carson ‘Uncle Tom,’ ‘Oreo’ after CPAC speech

http://twitter.com/#!/RBPundit/status/312938271351128064 This morning at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Dr. Ben Carson mentioned the “nastygrams” he received after he spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast. He said some of his oh-so-tolerant admirers lobbed the N-word at him for “insulting” President Obama. “When did we reach a point where you have to have

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New Republic spanked for telling Hillary Clinton to quit hogging the fast lane, let new talent get past

When new DNC chair Tom Perez and Bernie Sanders set out on their “unity tour” in April, there were plenty of complaints from Democrats. Most obviously, Sanders is not a Democrat, although he remains massively popular among the younger set that Hillary Clinton just couldn’t seem to reach. And there

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