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Matt Lauer is not having a Happy Thanksgiving

http://twitter.com/#!/Crutnacker/status/271623274381860864 “Matt Lauer” is a trending topic on Twitter this morning. He’s certainly generating a lot of social media buzz for the holiday. But it’s not for anything good, alas. The veteran NBC host of the Today Show is anchoring the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade — and aggravating all sorts of viewers.

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‘Lean Backward’: Chris Hayes has a ratings sad; Twitter points, snickers

http://twitter.com/#!/LilMissRightie/status/329636231631761408 .@chrislhayesOoh, 26% drop in viewership….ow, that’s gonna leave a mark.Yikes.@lilmissrightie — Happy Libertarian (@SoarDarb) May 1, 2013 Boy, does it smart! MSNBC’s ratings are down and Chris Hayes is at the helm of the sinking ship. Lean Backwards!All In is all down: @chrislhayes ratings down 18% from Big Ed, maybe affecting @maddow who’s

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Glenn Beck asks: ‘Where are the anti-war people?’

http://twitter.com/#!/megsmom22/status/378740030656610304 http://twitter.com/#!/ClassyfiedOnlin/status/378741211588083712 Anti-war celebrities from the Bush era aren’t the only ones keeping quiet lately as tensions escalate in the Middle East. Navy Secretary Ray Mabus has made it clear that U.S. warships are prepared to strike Syria hard and fast on the president’s orders, and Glenn Beck is asking what’s going on

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