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Sharyl Attkisson asks followers which major story deserves more coverage

http://twitter.com/#!/TimothyODonnel2/status/445052187006095360 Investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson, who recently left CBS, posed an interesting question to her followers Saturday night. http://twitter.com/#!/SharylAttkisson/status/445020202301157377 Three syllables come to mind. http://twitter.com/#!/85royal/status/445169031327539200 http://twitter.com/#!/stacysingh/status/445168101848387584 http://twitter.com/#!/HarrietBaldwin/status/445031367072436224 http://twitter.com/#!/LibertyBelleCJL/status/445037774530678784 http://twitter.com/#!/mariemerrilees/status/445244412101423105 There were other good responses as well. http://twitter.com/#!/romopar/status/445030116930777088 http://twitter.com/#!/SharylAttkisson/status/445021801144258560 Related: ‘Just brilliant': Sharyl Attkisson retweet best sums up her departure from CBS News [pic] Brit Hume: Liberal culture of major network news has claimed scalp

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Oops: Americans Elect can’t find ‘credible’ centrist candidate for third-party ticket

http://twitter.com/#!/NKingofDC/status/202350607133196288 This is the way American Elect’s third party dreams end: not with a bang, but a centrist whimper. The “radical centrist” group hosted the nation’s first online presidential primary, but couldn’t generate enough interest to nominate a candidate. Americans Elect makes it official: their online "primary process" is over… and nobody

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