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This Video Of A Blind Mother Seeing Her Newborn Son For The First Time Will Warm Your Heart

… And it was love at first sight. 1. Kathy Beitz is legally blind. But thanks to a technology called eSight, the new mom was able to see her first child just moments after delivery. Video available at: http://www.youtube.com/v/e9crPvfcEy4. Yvonne Felix / Via youtube.com Kathy was allowed to borrow the eSight device — wearable

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This Is What The Kids From “The Mickey Mouse Club” Look Like Now

Spoiler: They all still look amazing. 1. Christina Aguilera Buena Vista Pictures/Courtesy EveretT Getty Images / Kevin Winter Was on The Mickey Mouse Club from: 1993–1995 What she did after being a Mouseketeer: Christina went on to become a pop diva who has sold millions of records. She currently is a judge on The Voice

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